Customer Testimonials

Stella C.  San Francisco, CA
Eugene is a very effective teacher. His teaching methods and strategies are very solid. He identifies the difficulties of his students and customizes an approach to fast-track the learning. Our firm has used Eugene for several years now. He has greatly helped team members' (who use English as a second language) intonation.

Noni G.  Oakland, CA
As an Actor, I think Contemporary Speech and Voice Services is must. To be able to communicate clearly and openly is what makes an actor stand out. Understanding your instrument is a priceless tool. Eugene has developed a learning system that is fun, easy to learn and incorporate into your daily life. I strongly recommend these services to any actor, singer or person that uses their voice to make money.

Cyrille G.  Paris, France
Working in Europe on an international Business, I had the pleasure to work with Eugene to improve my speech skills, especially when it's about passing clear message to our customers, with the right energy.
Thanks to a 10 x1 hour sessions, and personal exercises (in my car on my way to work!), I managed to get a real control on my breath, improve pronounciations, and learn to speak with a good rythm, with respect to the audience expectations.
Very valuable training in my professional context of course, but also for my everyday life ! I will add that sessions were very pleasant, sometimes funny !

Rami G. San Francisco, CA

I was looking for an accent reduction class and found Euegene on the web. I did talk to a few other teachers as well but he seemed the most reasonable. Eugene's class was amazing. First he made an assessment of my accent and instead of trying to fix the pronunciation of a few words he look at the core of the problem. He told how I am not open my mouth and not fully pronouncing the vowels. He worked with me to improve the problem and really gave me a different view of my problem. 
He wasn't trying to set up a bunch of more sessions to charge me more. Instead he encouraged me to practice and repeat what we learned in that session. Definitely do recommend him. He will give you a different perspective of the problem and good solution to improve it.

Sally B. Diamond Bar, CA

Eugene is amazing-- no joke. I came in with extremely high expectations for my experience (in improving my voice) and I am actually pretty proud to say I wasn't disappointed one bit. Eugene is someone who genuinely cares for you and your improvement, rather than about money. He genuinely cares about people, and is very competent and honest. I am happy to say that Eugene is also very likeable and relatable, and his advice/tips surprised me in its depth and insightfulness. Rarely do you find such competence and generosity combined together, but Eugene is a real gem. I would consider him an expert in his field. Just working with him for two hours has armed me with more knowledge than I have gotten from another instructor for three months. In other words, he's highly efficient, and of course, as stated earlier-- competent. I really appreciate all the help Eugene has given me.

Yahui L.  Riverside, CA

Yun-ling W. Berkeley, CA

Besides teaching us the extremely helpful techniques, Eugene brings the use of languages to the level of art. He shows my friend and me how beautiful a language/English is and how we can express ourselves better in an elegant way.
He reminds us that we can still maintain our own cultural/ethnic characteristics while improving our foreign language skills. He respects everyone's uniqueness and his lessons are tailored to meet individual needs.
I highly recommend Eugene's lessons and the materials produced by him.

Claire Y.  Berkeley, CA

The best speech therapist with the most reasonable price! I took a session for accent reduction with Eugene, and he taught me very practical skills to get rid of my accent, which was effective right away. His approach is not only highly efficient but also enjoyable. He has a unique way of teaching, and only one session can worth quite a while since he teaches you how to work on your own everyday. I can imagine a few sessions with him will be enough, which also means the cost is almost nothing in the long run.
I am very grateful for the help from Eugene and the luck of hearing about him from a friend, for somehow it seems difficult to find him on google. Most speech therapists are businessmen, who charge quite a bit and require at least six or more sessions for accent reduction, but Eugene truly cares about helping you and the charge is quite low. Honestly, I think the free materials he gave me probably already worth more than what he has charged. In all he's such a genuine person and great teacher.

Lily T.    Hayward, CA

Eugene is great, always on time and prepared. He taught me to pronounce lots of hard words with some of his amazing technique. He also provides me with tools to practice at home and it's very helpful and I did improve my speaking a lot from taking his course. Overall, he is the best and I will recommend him to anybody that need to improve their speaking skill.

R. Dominguez, M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Radiology, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Medical Center
"My purpose for taking the course was to polish my speech so I could be understood more clearly. I have become more aware of people with an accent, which makes it easier for me to recognize my mistakes."

M. Leung, University Student, Hotel and Restaurant Management
​"I didn't have any formal training in pronunciation but with Mr. O'Reilly's assistance, the course helped me greatly. Now I am able to ask questions in my university classes. Before, I wasn't confident."

Tony To, Co-Executive Producer, HBO productions
"Mr. O'Reilly's expertise in helping actors to acquire or discontinue an accent or dialect and to enhance the vocal delivery in a precise and efficient manner, was impressive and of great benefit to this production. His professional demeanor and attitude throughout his time with us made a pleasure to work with him. I would gladly recommend him as a dialect and voice coach for any performace director in need of that service.

K.L. Wong , Toxicologist, NASA
Mr. O'Reilly's system of using a video camera and a mirror during lessons is highly successful. Such a system allows a student to see, for himself, the incorrect positions of his lips and tongue and to listen to the difference a correction of these errors makes in their pronunciation. As a result the student improves faster. Mr. O'Reilly would point out my mistakes whenever they were made. Before that I was pronouncing certain words incorrectly without knowing they were incorrect. I appreciate his forthcoming way of teaching.

M. Dussaud, CEO, Sofregaz, USA
Societe' Francaise d'Etudes et de Realisations d'Equipements Gaziers
I took individual classes with Eugene O'Reilly in order to pronounce English with a General American Dialect and to be easily understood. I have been fully satisfied by the quality, dedication and professionalism of Eugene O'Reilly as well as by the progress he helped me achieve.

V. Guillermet, Accountant, Import-Export Company
"My Spanish accent was quite heavy and I mispronounced words in English. My daughter corrected me every time I mispronounced a word in English. I decided that if I wanted to set a good example for my daughter, I better learn to speak English as well as she could. The Americans I do business with tell me I'm easier to understand since I took this course." 

R.H. Johnson, Community Outreach Manager, Du Pont Agricultural Products
" I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. O'Reilly for his very professional help in training in the "executive voice workshop". His understanding and attention to my concerns and suggestion of other areas to improve my speech and Texas accent were much appreciated. I was impressed as to the speed at which we were able to progress. With this in one-on-one help he gave me I am most aware of areas for my own development. His approach reinforced my experience of the progress you can make when dealing with a true professional. The need for continued improvement in voice is much like many things we do at Du Pont. Continuous improvement is better than postponed perfection."  

Peter Keane - Dean, Golden Gate Law School, 
I had difficulty projecting my voice during lectures. Mr. O'Reilly showed me how to adjust my breathing and voice pitch to have a louder and more appealing voice quality. We were finished within three sessions and I was pleased with the results. His methods get results.

A. Gurley, Attorney at Law, San Francisco
Eugene has assisted me in coaching my clients who have a too shy or too aggressive style of communication or whose accents made them hard to understand. He quickly guided them into how to use their intonation and add melody to make themselves better understood. He also helped my office manager and me to quickly find our natural voice pitch and easyily learn techniques to help us sound great whenever we talk.

 Michelle X.

 Eugene helped me a lot with my speech. He also records the lesson for me, so I can watch it on my own. I have a presentation on Wednesday, and he offered me a free Skype session before my presentation to help me. He is really great.

 Judith C.
 All my company's product managers are based in France - they speak good basic English but needed some coaching to help in professional/technical situations - pronunciation and intonation to give our company's products as much credibility as possible with American and international customers. 

We have been thrilled with the work that Eugene has been doing. Eugene has tailored a package of 1-1 sessions with each of these guys and their speech and delivery in English is coming along in leaps and bounds. We do these sessions by web conferencing so there is no additional travel or phone overhead.

Eugene has also been adding a lot of value by reviewing our demo scripts and marking them up to help my French colleagues have accurate and convincing intonation. In just a couple of months we have seen a marked improvement and I am excited to see the team's confidence in English flourish.  

Eugene is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

 Hyaesin Y.
 San Francisco, CA

Eugene is great. As an international scholar, I've worked with a few speech coaches to improve both my speaking style and my accent. At first phone call, I could feel that he does care about his clients. I had a few sessions with him. his coaching was effective and helpful (some techniques need more time/practice, others i could use immediately). He's also very encouraging and supportive -- which makes me feel like to be on a radio show :) He's offered a lot of materials to practice at home. He gladly helped me to go over the script just the day before my conference presentation, and was very generous about following up over emails.

Nancy L. San Francisco, CA

 Eugene is not only very professional and knowledgeable, but very pleasant to work with. He has a genuine sense of humor and empathy that made me feel at ease during our sessions. I would recommend him to anyone who needs improvement in accent reduction and overall speaking and presentation skills. 
Eugene not only have provided great advice but also gave me the necessary tools to work on my own.

 David W.  Lodi, CA

Eugene is as good as it gets. His teaching style is interesting and affective. Worked on mumbling and a slight lisp. His therapy recommendation was excellent. Thanks so much Eugene!

 Nydia B.

 Eugene is a very well rounded speech therapist. I was impressed with his academic knowledge and understanding of a variety of foreign speech patterns. I went to him seeking to improve my English pronunciation as a second language speaker and was pleased with the results I was able to achieve after just one session. I highly recommend him.

 I visited Eugene for help with my lisp, he was very patient and knowledgable. Very reasonably priced as well and was able to not only diagnose problems my previous pathologist had missed, but also suggest effective solutions for them.

Russo S.   Walnut Creek, CA

Learning the subtleties and correct pronunciation of English words can be difficult for native speakers but imagine refining English skills when it is your third language. That was my challenge as I began using Eugene O'Reilly as my speech coach two years ago. From our first session, his professionalism and skill at working on my specific needs were evident and his ability to target areas that needed work were instrumental in helping me to minimize my accent, improve the flow of my conversation and perfect my pronunciation. Eugene provides his students with excellent practice materials, CDs and booklets, that are very helpful in targeting each student's individual needs. Because of his guidance and skill, my English capabilities are now equivalent to or greater than many native speakers. Thank you, Eugene!

Joe S.   San Francisco, CA

Working with Eugene has been a tremendous. And besides being a real pro, he's also a pleasure to work with.
I am an actor and teacher, so a clear, well-supported voice is really important. I also have a history of asthma, so breath support makes this a real challenge. My work with Eugene turned this around.
Eugene took the time to understand my personal situation and adapted our work to address it. My voice support and clarity has really improved. Just as important, he gave me a set of easy-to-follow exercises that I continue on my own, and the improvements are great.
He's a total pro: knowledgeable, attentive, and positive. I owe him a lot!

I went to Eugene on the recommendation of a fellow entrepreneur on the ycombinator news site. I'm a native English speaker and was looking to improve my speech.  
Within one lesson, Eugene had changed my life. By continuing to practice with him, I had further improvements for phone conversation, public speaking, and singing.  
His method is super clear and eye-opening, and he's fun to work with! Really life-changing.

Eugene is a very professional speech therapist. He developed a lesson plan that was catered to me. He made me understood where was my shortcoming and tackled it from the source. Thank you, Eugene!

Michael J.     Berkeley, CA
Eugene is very, very, good. 
He has a very structured approach (unlike many other coaches), and provides excellent take home materials to review what you learned - I'm watching the DVD right now.
He was a huge help to me a week before a big event - a wedding where I'll be officiating.
I simply can't recommend Eugene highly enough. Assuming your normal life involves speaking, even if you're just curious what your voice can do for you, a single visit might be worth your while. It was for me.

Adam G.  San Francisco, CA
Really helped with my wife's thick accent and brought it down to a level that some people think she was born in US. Very reasonable prices as well. Highly recommend.

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